Europarat contra Sarrazin, PI und Stürzenberger

Die European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) des Europarats leidet heute wieder einmal unter Flatulenz und bezichtigt Deutschland des Rassismus und der Intoleranz! PI und Stürzenberger sind auch erwähnt. Da solche internationalen Organisationen unter chronischer Faulheit leiden, beziehen sie ihre verlogenen Infos von linksradikalen NGOs im Land und beten nach, was die wollen. Bin zu faul, den Dreck zu übersetzen:

32. ECRI is satisfied that the judicial system also contributes to the prevention of hate speech. In 2011, convictions were handed down against individuals who had incited hatred on the Altamedia and Whitekinightseuropa websites and 18 operators of the web radio station Radio Resistance. The Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office started judicial proceedings against one of the most active members of the “Politically Incorrect” website, Michael Stürzenberger.

Auch Sarrazin kriegt wieder die Ehre von mehreren Paragraphen:

35. …ECRI regrets that Thilo Sarrazin, a former member of the Executive Board of the German Federal Bank and a politician belonging to the Social Democratic Party (SPD), made similar remarks notably in his book “How Germany abolishes itself”.

36. ECRI is deeply concerned at the fact that several publications, including Bild-Zeitung and Spiegel, carried excerpts from this book. Furthermore, these racist remarks received a great deal of support in the debate which followed their publication, and which was extensively covered by the media, although the arguments put forward were shown to be close to the theories of eugenics espoused by the National Socialists.

37. It is true that T. Sarrazin was dismissed from his post at the Federal Bank shortly after the book was published. But the request by the bureau of the SPD for his exclusion from the party was withdrawn on 23 April 2011 after he had stated that he had not intended to discriminate against migrants or any other group. Furthermore, the criminal complaint lodged by a Turkish association with the Berlin prosecution service was dismissed.

38. ECRI understands German society’s vigilance in ensuring respect for freedom of expression. But it draws attention to the case law of the ECtHR, according to which tolerance and respect for the equal dignity of all human beings are the foundation of a democratic and pluralist society. It follows from this that, in principle, it may be deemed necessary, in democratic societies, to sanction or even prevent all forms of expression which spread, encourage, promote or justify hatred based on intolerance (including religious intolerance), if care is taken to ensure that the restrictions imposed are proportional to the aim pursued.46

39. In view of the similarity of T. Sarrazin remarks with those of the case Le Pen47, ECRI considers that the response by the authorities and the SPD is insufficient. It was with good reason that the CERD decided that the lack of an effective investigation following Mr Sarrazin’s remarks constituted a violation of Articles 2 (1) d, 4 and 6 ICERD.48…

Da steht der ganze Dreck! Was bilden sich diese Schandmäuler überhaupt ein? Raus aus dem Europarat! Gelder sperren! Und fertig!